Labour Union

  ★ The trade union is established in March ,2009, which include five foreign employees, total member is 127.
  ★ The SSMC trade union is on attachment to the trade union of Sinopec Shanghai Gaoqiao Branch, According to the practical situation, SSMC trade union hasestablished.At present, the main activities of trade union carried out five aspects:

  1. Focused on the production and management activities, the trade union request for rationalization proposal from staffs and organize contest among teams;
  2. Annual company outstanding staff award;
  3. In the hot season and holiday, the trade union will visit and greetings staff, and show loving care for the life of common staff;
  4. To organize staff sport and art activities to enhance employee cohesion;
  5. Establish a Trade Union annual Conference system, employees are encouraged to participate actively in the management of the enterprise with the so-called "masters attitude.

  ★ Since the establishment of trade unions, it has always adhered to the approach of "assert the legitimate rights and interests of the staff, to promote the production and management", thus the trade union had gained the support and participation with enthusiasm of staff.