BPA Domestic Market Profile

BPA is produce in catalyst reaction with phenol and acetone as raw material, BPA products are mainly useful as polycarbonate (PC) and epoxy resin (EP) for production of raw materials.

The BPA market demand in China are cross the following:

According to market research results, domestic market for the needs of Bisphenol A is as follows :

Indicate by the data above: there was a certain scale BPA production plant over the past two or three years, the BPA almost are dependented on import from LG and Kumho from Korean; The Mitsui, Mitsubishi from Japanese, Mitsui in Singapore, and chemical company from Russia, the United States, European. The quantity and prices of BPA from oversea has a great impact and influence on the domestic market in China .

In the current market of BPA, the quality of BPA is marked as either polycarbonate grade or epoxy grade, The former one is useful as raw materials of all PC and EP's production. The latter applies only as raw materials of low end liquid EP and solid EP.

The Global Profile of BPA